February 23, 2016

Bringing the Republic of Congo to Justice: A 30-Year Debt Finally Comes Due

Lisa Colangelo


Commisimpex, a British and American infrastructure firm and long-time client of Prime, continues winning important legal cases in the U.S. and abroad aimed at bringing the Republic of Congo (ROC) to justice on a 30 year old debt.

In December 2015, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia issued an order  compelling the ROC to comply with requests from COMMISIMPEX to detail the location and value of assets it has all over the world which can then be seized.  That same month in Paris, the President of the Paris Court (“Tribunal de Grande Instance”) issued an order declaring that a liquidation decision rendered by the Brazzaville Commercial Court in 2012, the subsequent Brazzaville Court of Appeal decision of 2013 and finally an order of the same court on December 2014, were all contrary to French public order and therefore not enforceable in France.  In a 14 page ruling, the French court branded the Brazzaville court’s reasoning as ‘incoherent, contradictory and illogical’ and suggested that the controlling judge’s decision to appoint Congolese liquidators to wind up COMMISIMPEX was ‘questionable’.

A recent news article from the London Times highlights the broader significance of the ongoing Commisimpex fight for justice.

Lisa Cotter Colangelo

Lisa plays key role in working with the firm’s international client base and in advancing the firm’s international marketing goals. She also has a great deal of experience in representing governments, opposition political parties and leaders in Washington, D.C. and in preparing countries for conducting democratic elections. Overall, Lisa has nearly twenty-five years of experience in public relations, public affairs, trade, and the development of media and communications strategies.