March 9, 2016

PRIME Talks: Naming Scalia’s Successor (Part One)

Mark Disler, Paul Brown

Paul Brown and Mark Disler sit down and chat about the process surrounding nominating a new Supreme Court justice in the wake of Justice Scalia’s passing, and the challenges that may arise.



Paul Brown

Paul has 20-plus years of public affairs experience and works with a wide range of firm clients including those in the telecommunications, energy, local government, and travel & tourism sectors. Among other things, Paul helps guide clients through the complex world of the U.S. Senate, using knowledge of Senate procedure and a wide range of policy issues gained from his work in Senate Democratic leadership. He also helps coordinate Prime’s integration efforts with other WPP and Burson Marsteller companies, and serves as treasurer of the firm’s political action committee.


Mark Disler

Mark works extensively on issues before both Judiciary Committees and the Senate Finance Committee. Additionally, he has worked for a wide range of the firm’s clients before a variety of other Committees and the Republican Congressional Leadership. Mark served as Chief Counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as in the Department of Justice under President Reagan.