November 14, 2016

Lame Duck: An Updated Menu & Calendar

Armstrong Robinson

Congress returns this evening.  While the election results have likely constricted the agenda for the remainder of 2016, Congress still has a number of things to complete before concluding the 114th Congress.  An updated menu is provided as well as a calendar of key dates for the transition.

Must Pass (or likely to get done):

Possibilities: Everything on this list is less likely, unless it involves easy bipartisan compromise and a deadline.


November 14            House and Senate Return; House Freshman Orientation begins

November 15            House GOP Leadership Elections

November 16            Senate Leadership Elections (both D and R)

November 28            Senate returns from Thanksgiving

November 29            House returns

November 30            House Democratic Leadership Elections

December 9              Continuing Resolution Expires

December 16            Target Sine Die Adjournment

January 3                  115th Congress Swearing-in Day

January 20                Inauguration Day