June 1, 2018

Russia’s Meddling in U.S. Courts Deserves Intense Review by Congress

Charlie Black, John Tanner, Lisa Colangelo

Prime’s Chairman and Vice Chairman, Charlie Black and John Tanner, respond to a recent op-ed titled, “Bolster the US judiciary’s defense against Putin’s kleptocracy” by the Atlantic Council’s Anders Åslund:

While much has been said about Russian intrusion into US elections, Russia’s abuse and exploitation of the US judicial system is a little-known but very dangerous situation that deserves closer scrutiny by Congress. 
While we first encountered this issue nearly a decade ago in the Yukos case, we have seen a surge in these attacks against our past and present clients in recent years. 

The faster we can find ways to stop Russia from using US courts to threaten and discredit its enemies, the safer we’ll be as a society. Our democracy and its institutions depend on this. 
We will continue to do everything we can to draw attention to this issue, to ensure the Kremlin doesn’t exploit the openness of the American democracy and the fairness of our institutions to target victims and hinder their ability to engage in free enterprise.