About Us


The depth of our experience and the quality of our work is unparalleled in Washington. Our policy expertise covers every sector, committee jurisdiction and Federal department of government.

Whatever your challenge, we can design and execute the winning strategy that resolves it.

40 government relations experts representing:

  • Both sides of the aisle
  • Both chambers of Congress
  • Four of the last Administrations
  • Swing coalitions such as Blue Dog Democrats and moderate Republicans
  • Both major political parties
  • Top trade associations, think tanks and interest groups

Prime's experts have successfully navigated such diverse challenges as:

  • Securing federal support for an urban mass transit project
  • Ensuring a balanced approach was achieved in a landmark telecommunications bill
  • Assisting with the complicated procurement process for U.S. contractors
  • Helping a foreign government manage its transition to a multiparty democracy


Members of the House and Senate that have staff alumni at our firm