Building Brands


Prime was retained by the technology industry’s largest and most recognized bi-partisan fundraising organization working to grow technology-led innovation. Its members are CEOs and senior executives of America’s leading technology companies dedicated to working with policy makers to promote U.S. competitiveness and economic leadership.  A challenge arose in recent years, especially with the large turnover in membership of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, from Republican members who perceived that the organization was a liberal, Democratic-leaning entity.

Strategy & Implementation

Prime Policy Group set up introductory meetings for TechNet principals with key Republican Members of Congress and their staff.  The connections made during these meetings, combined with our existing relationships, were extremely useful for maintaining a steady back-and-forth flow of information between the key offices and TechNet.  Prime Policy Group helped the organization’s staff in their efforts to increase visibility among key Republican political staff in Washington and assisted in pursuing an issue-related campaign to bring positive visibility and education to Members regarding the organization.


The technology organization began with almost no visibility on Capitol Hill with many Republican members of Congress and now is considered a strong bipartisan organization with powerful relationships in over 20 Republican member offices and actively supportive of several more. Their presence on the Hill has grown significantly as has their bipartisan reputation and will continue to do so as time goes on.