U.S. Travel Association


Until recently, the United States was the only major developed country that did not promote itself as a global travel destination. International travelers spend multiple times more than domestic travelers so the U.S. was literally leaving money on the table, which other countries were glad to take. The collective American tourist industry, through the U.S. Travel Association, wanted to change that.

Strategy & Implementation

Prime Policy professionals became the lead outside lobbyists for the planning, strategy and execution of the successful passage of the 2010 Travel Promotion Act (TPA), the bill that created Brand USA, a high-level, sustained global destination-marketing campaign promoting U.S. tourism to foreign travelers. Our budget experts designed a novel and politically-acceptable offset in a fiscally-challenging, partisan budget environment which includes a fee on visas and industry commitments. Our broad-based lobbying team led the effort to recruit an influential group of bi-partisan, bi-cameral lead sponsors, then followed by gathering an extensive and diverse group of co-sponsors.


For two Congresses, working with sponsors, committee chairs and ranking members, as well as leadership on both sides of the Capitol, our team helped shepherd the bill through Congress’ procedural maze, all the while working to address Administration concerns and ensure an eventual Presidential signature. The Travel Promotion Act became one of the few bi-partisan accomplishments in a bitterly-divided Congress and Brand USA continues to champion America’s many tourist assets in a competitive international marketplace.