Our Approach


How does it work, really?
An integrated team approach designed specifically for your needs.

At Prime Policy Group, we de-mystify Washington.

We use a team approach and apply the principles of successful political and issue campaigns to design a comprehensive strategic plan for every client problem.

A viable strategy is the foundation of a successful public affairs campaign. Designing and executing winning strategies is what we do. Our formula for successful strategies requires research and intelligence gathering, defining achievable goals, understanding the intricacies of the policy making process, having a persuasive argument and working effectively with the decision makers involved. Success or failure also depends upon forecasting possible obstacles and anticipating the moves of potential opponents.

Once the strategy is set, we custom build the team that can execute the plan to achieve your results. Every asset of the firm will be leveraged to accomplish your goal. You will receive personal, hands-on, unparalleled client attention.