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H.R. 1- The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The House Ways and Means Committee released its initial version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, H.R. 1,  which will serve as the base of their tax reform efforts. Below are the documents the committee has released to this point (in reverse chronological order), as well as the models and analysis of a number of think tanks.

H.R. 1

Chairman’s Amendment #2 to the Chairman’s Mark

·        Summary of Chairman’s Amendment #2

·        CBO Score

Chairman’s Amendment to the Chairman’s Mark

Chairman’s Mark


·         JCT Green Sheet

·         Estimated Revenue Effects

·         JCT on Distribution Effects


Text of H.R. 1

·         Estimated Revenue Effects


Details on H.R. 1

Original Bill Text


Policy Highlights

Charge & Response

Taxpayer Examples

What Our Historic Tax Reform Means For You and Your Family

Think Tank Analysis of the Effects of H.R. 1