We solve problems and build brands with powerful relationships, policy expertise, and capabilities on Capitol Hill and beyond.

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We solve problems and build brands with policy expertise, strategic relationships, and respected capabilities in Washington and around the world.

We have earned a unique reputation for shaping public affairs. We pioneered the bipartisan approach to problem solving, just as we were among the first firms to develop an international footprint to tackle issues in the global marketplace.

Today, our team of political, legislative and regulatory experts are trusted counselors to corporations, associations, domestic and foreign governments, and political candidates. Working together, we overcome the most challenging obstacles to influence outcomes, create opportunities and achieve policy objectives on behalf of our clients.

Uniquely Prime. Inside and outside the beltway.

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May 8, 2018

Rescissions, Rescissions

The Constitution empowers Congress with the powers of the purse to appropriate funding for the federal government.  Prior to 1974, Presidents had the authority to "impound" or not spend monies appropriated by Congress.  In 1974, in response to what Congress...

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April 9, 2018

A CFIUS Rewrite Looms

President Trump’s trade agenda has taken center stage as of late. High-profile developments; such as the recently announced $50 billion worth of trade tariffs on Chinese imports (with the possibility of $100 billion more on the horizon), the steel and...

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